Well, I have been single for a little over a year, so I am starting to feel like I should get out there again. I went out on an Austin date over the weekend and had a great time. I am not sure if it will go past that first date because I am not sure if the chemistry was there but he was a nice guy. Not sure how much we had in common.

A friend of mine wants to set me up with a friend of a friend but I am a little leary. Just nervous, I guess! LOL! Looking forward to what this part of my life brings though! I am not saying that I want to completely settle down and start a family right off quick but some dating would be fun.


I have been looking into gold investing through gold stocks as well as doing a gold backed ira rollover. So, in my research, I have made sure to figure out of the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

The better choice is gold as well as precious metals for your IRA. While precious metals do vary in price, like all various other financial investment automobiles, the fluctuations are largely secure and also rising. Gold, for instance, has actually consistently enhanced in value for the last 10 years. All of the other significant rare-earth elements, such as silver and platinum, have complied with the very same curve.

This implies that your retired life fund must boost throughout the years, and this should give you sufficient cash to survive on without having to consider taking a brand-new job.

Not just that, yet rare-earth elements have two major advantages that paper-based financial investments can’t imitate: limited quantities and also evergreen uses. Paper-based investments aren’t actually limited by anything. A lot more stocks can be developed, and the worth of your specific stocks as well as financial investments can dramatically decrease in worth. Also, some homeowner have actually shed all their money because they purchased niches that made use of to be exceptionally prominent, yet after that quickly passed away.

There is only a lot metal on earth. This makes certain that, also as even more metal is located, that your investment will certainly not lose value. The financial investment will not be thinned down due to the fact that there will certainly constantly be deficiency. Precious metals are also utilized for way too many things to lose their value.

You can refer to any type of real-time place gold pricing graph online that reveals you precisely just what I’m discussing. Just set the date for 10 years back, as well as see on your own exactly how dependable gold financial investments really are.


A friend of mine in the area recently got a reverse mortgage – basically got some money in exchange for equity built up in his home. It got me thinking about looking into a reverse mortgage Albuquerque as well. There are a lot of advantages to getting it, not including the money. However, I really have to do some research on the disadvantages as well. I want to make sure that I make the right financial decision because once you get a reverse mortgage, I believe that you are locked in.


As I mentioned in another post about how I was getting into juicing, I have decided to jump into a 3 week diet plan as well. Kind of a kickstart to weight loss.

I am not quite sure how much weight I can lose in as little as 3 weeks, but it will be fun to find out. After all the BBQing, cheat meals, etc this summer I think it is time to get a little healthier.

Looking For A Kitchen Renovation Company

I think I finally decided on my new kitchen design so I am now on the hunt for a good kitchen renovation company in Dallas that is up to the task. Take a look at this awesome design idea for it:

image from cleanandscentsible.com
image from cleanandscentsible.com

I love it and cannot wait to get started! I also plan on hiring a Dallas based interior designer to help me out as well since this just may be a bit above my abilities.

My original plan was to maybe just get new cabinets and hire an interior painter to come in and spruce it up that way but upon further inspection and thinking, I believe it may be time for a full reno!


I have been going out to get massages for the past year because of a bad back. My therapist is amazing at what she does but sometimes I feel like I could use something at home as well. So I have been looking at reviews for the best massage chair money can buy. They are a bit pricey though! The cool thing is that as I was researching, I found that there is a local place here that I can rent a massage chair. Kind of a good try before you buy type thing. The benefits of massages are quite astounding though.

Of course, I could also go to the mall because they have these pay as you go massage chairs that look to be very cool. The only thing about that is that I have to go to a mall. Argh….lol!


A guitar fuzz pedal could provide you the distorted sound that you are searching for, without the demand for additional quantity. You could make your very own pedal with just a couple of simple tools, as well as save cash by creating your own tools. Below is a detailed overview on the best ways to make a guitar fuzz pedal for your next gig.

The initial step in developing a guitar fuzz pedal is discovering a little amplifier. You could find these in an old radio, such as a transistor radio. Take the amp out of the tool, and ensure to conserve the circuitry. You should make sure the amp is little enough to fit into the pedal that you wish to utilize, too.

After getting rid of the amp, you need to eliminate the output wires that are connected to the amp, the battery link if there is one, the power switch, and also the quantity control handle. You will certainly utilize every one of these components later in the job.

You will need two quarter inch phono jacks for the next step. Now, you need to connect the amp to a phono jack, using the electrical wiring that initially linked the amp to the speaker. Take the wires, connect them to the 2nd phono wire then affix the very first phono cord as the input. The phono cables will be affixed to contrary sides of the pedal.

The following step is to produce an on and off switch. You can make use of a simple toggle switch for this step in the procedure. After you possess wired the on and off button to the power manages you located in the old radio, you prepare to wire the quantity manages that you saved to the top of the pedal.

I Need A New Blender

Blenders are a helpful as well as prominent kitchen area appliance used to make anything from smoothie mixes to child food. Several heavyweight brands declare to generate the very best blenders, names such as Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Black & Decker as well as Warons. Their prices will certainly vary between $16 and $14 bucks.

Just what makes a good blender?

Don’t be deceived by acquiring the most affordable blender that you find as it will certainly in all likelihood wear out after a short while. Prefer invest in a good-quality blender that is from a credible brand name.


First of all, you’ll additionally should watch out for the power electrical power as well as rate control. Certainly, the more powerful the blender the quicker and also more effectively it will mix. You likewise should consider exactly what you are anticipating out of your blender. If you have a large household, you may intend to buy a blender that is much more effective and also has a larger container to ensure that you can make large quantities at once. Some blenders feature speed dial controls which are likewise a helpful function. These controls permit you to readjust the setting according to what you are blending. Secondly, select a blender that is very easy to tidy; making a shake can be an unpleasant procedure, so the less complicated the home appliance is to clean up the much better.

Several of the more prominent things that individuals make with blenders consist of soup, infant food, smoothies as well as juice. Many blenders can mixing fruits such as pineapple, apples, avocado, kiwis, nuts, seeds and also melons. If you wish to mix dry products beware which blender you buy. Specific blenders are not with the ability of blending dry components as well as will burn out the motor within, creating a nasty burning sort of odor at the same time.

Some added functions that include blenders include food mill bowls, shredding discs and also feed tubes with a pusher. These can be beneficial when you have to dice or slice products such as onions or garlic. A lot of these components are currently dishwasher safe making them all the more much easier to cleanse.

Properly Storing My Wine

If you are passionate concerning wine, after that you should save it properly. Due to different chemical reactions, all wine will at some point go off, this is accelerated by storing it at the wrong temperature level, the wrong humidity or worse still, the wrong temperature and the wrong humidity – to postpone this you should keep your wine properly. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if you have actually spent a couple of pounds on a container of wine, or countless extra pounds, you do not intend to store it, just to find that when you concern consume it, it has gone off. Keeping it correctly will ensure that your wine will certainly last longer.

wine cooler

We have actually all seen grand lodge with wine rack where the wine can be kept appropriately at the appropriate temperature level and humidity. However, in this day and age, very few people have such facilities – this is where the wine fridge steps in. The wine fridge stores the wine at the appropriate temperature and humidity till you are ready to enjoy it. This is vital if you are saving it for individual usage at a later date, or if you intend to keep it as an investment – the right wine fridge will reproduce the temperature level and also the moisture of a standard wine cellar. Wine fridges vary from counter leading fridges that contain a small number of bottles which can be positioned practically anywhere, fridges meant to be integrated right into your kitchen area, via to big cost-free standing fridges planned to save lots of containers for the serious wine connoisseur or a resort or restaurant.Wine fridges are particularly designed to aid you to save your wine correctly as well as simulate the problems of a cool wet storage.

So, I hear you claim, “can’t I simply store my wine in my domestic fridge?” No! Your normal local fridge has two major problems with it. First of all it is as well cold to keep your wine at for any time greater than regarding a week, meaning that it will go off quicker. Secondly, the moisture is incorrect and adjustments significantly depending upon exactly what is in your fridge and exactly how you use it. This is not such a problem with wines with screw-tops, nevertheless this can greatly influence just how effective a cork is at quiting air from getting to your wine. Finally, you store lots of various other things in your fridge with solid scents and flavours which could infect your wine. So, only if you have no alternative, need to you utilize your domestic fridge to keep your wine, and after that only for a small time. “Ok, so just what regarding my draft beer fridge?” No! Draft beer fridges have actually become massively prominent over the last couple of years. However, these are usually simply little variations of your residential fridge – that is they are also chilly. They do have the advantage that strong flavoured as well as smelling foods are not usually kept in them, however they do not normally have shelfs inside them to make certain that wines could appropriately be stored on their side and also do not control moisture. So, much better than a local fridge? Arguably. As good a place to keep your wine as a wine fridge? Certainly not!

So, once you have chosen to guard your wine and also store it properly the following evident concern is “what attributes should I search for when getting a fridge?.” This could possibly be a complicated subject, so let’s talk about the attributes that you may wish to think about when choosing exactly what fridge to purchase. What functions your wine fridge has will certainly figure out how reliable it goes to keeping your wine, along with exactly how very easy it is to live with on a day to day basis. Choose the wrong fridge and also you could soon regret your decision. Pick the ideal fridge and also you might have many happy years of use.